Saturday, January 2, 2010

Homecoming and hiatus.

It's officially a new year and I am officially back on U.S. soil for an indefinite amount of time. It feels strange for sure, though not necessarily bad. 1,000+ cable channels are nice, as are shops that are open past 6pm, and an efficient bank that records ATM withdrawals the same day the cash is taken out. But I do miss Glasgow and Scotland, and while I've been quite good about dropping all Scottishisms from my speech, I haven't managed to get rid of all my change yet, and still have a wallet full of sterling. One of these days, I'll trick someone into accepting a 10p piece instead of a quarter.

For now though, it's full steam ahead on repatriation. And my hunt for gainful employment. Since this blog was created to chronicle my time in Scotland and Europe, it seems a bit strange (as well as pointless) to keep it up since I'm no longer abroad. So until I get back across the pond, I think a bit of a hiatus is in order.

To mark my hiatus, this picture seems appropriate. The massive Union Jack-clad winglet of a Virgin Atlantic A343, as seen from seat 55H on a spectacular day, roughly 38,000 feet above the North Atlantic. Heading home.



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