Friday, December 11, 2009

Moving Day.

This is a bit strange: tonight is my last night in my Glaswegian flat.

Tomorrow, I clear out of here and head to the Holiday Inn at Glasgow Airport for the night. My flight on Saturday morning is at 6:35am, and there was no way at 4am I was lugging three enormous suitcases down four flights of steps or doing a final walk-through of the flat. It wasn't happening. £42 for a lot of sanity and a relaxing night before my flight seemed like a fair price to pay. Plus getting to sleep an extra hour! And lest you scoff, the difference between an alarm going off at 3:30am and 4:30am is huge. So I will spend my last night in Scotland holed up in an airport hotel, sipping on leftover champagne from my birthday, and watching television, which I'm actually really excited about, since I haven't had a TV this entire time. Then going to bed early, because of said 4:30am wakeup call. I'm okay going out that way.

I think it's all happening so quickly that I'm not really processing it all, which is good because it's not giving me much time to be sad and dwell on just how much I'll miss the city and the people. I'm just so focused on MOVING. And getting rid of stuff. And making sure my three suitcases are exactly at weight, since I'm already paying to check a third and don't want to pay for extra weight too. It's a tedious process, praying that the cheapy scale I bought at Tesco is right, hopping on and off of it with massive luggage. The stress of it all is tremendous, just the packing and the luggage. Once the bags are checked though, I can breathe easy. Until then, I live in fear that both Virgin and BMI will charge me hundreds upon hundreds of pounds for my baggage.

I really, really just can't believe it's all over, that I'm heading back to the States. I feel like I just got here. I feel like I was just packing up to come over here. And now I'm leaving. Granted, with a bushel of new friends, many more passport stamps, a lot of new clothes, and Master's degree in tow. It's been a crazy fifteen months. Good, but crazy.

29.5 hours until I board BD01, bound for Heathrow...


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