Saturday, July 4, 2009

Goodbyes are always hard...

I think I may be in the process of losing a very dear friend.

Upon my return from Spain, I realized that there is a huge gash on the bottom of my suitcase. And while I'm sure I could use some black tape to try to keep the fabric together, I think it may be time for me to admit defeat on it and start thinking about purchasing a new suitcase.

I bought this suitcase in November 2007, right before my trip to the UK. Since then, the suitcase has been a faithful companion, accompanying me on over 40,000 miles in 18 months. It has crossed the big, blue ocean many, many times with me, been used as a bench at train stations when no bench is available, and somehow, despite flight cancellations, major delays, tight connections, and many an abrupt terminal change, has always ended up by my side at the end of a trip.

The thought of retiring it is a sad prospect.

But it's had a good run of it. It's been a lucky suitcase, getting to see some of the most epic airports in the world, traveling on at least a dozen types of airplanes. And a 40,000+ mile life isn't a bad one for a suitcase, especially one that was $20 on a TJ Maxx clearance special.

It's much better than the carry-on bag I bought at Primark in March, that lasted for four trips, and now has a handle that's ripping off.

So now my quest begins for sturdy, yet affordable, luggage to take me another 40,000+ miles (or with my track record, through next summer).

Farewell, dear black and green Benetton suitcase. I will think of you fondly whenever I go to check my bags.


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