Thursday, June 18, 2009

Writing update.

If I go by my "outline," my dissertation goal is 24,700 words. Right now, I'm at 11,886 words, with about a month and a half to go. Which means I'm right on target for where I should be.

Or so I think.

I have my first meeting with my dissertation advisor this afternoon, and I am hoping she will look at my outline and my work and give me a thumbs up. Otherwise, I'm stopping at the liquor store on the way home and drowning my sorrows in cheap whisky, because if I need to start from scratch, then it's going to be a very miserable July indeed.

But I'm optimistic that there will be no Famous Grouse ingested tonight!

Yesterday I sent three short stories out into the Big Publishing World. I still have four out there that I haven't heard back on yet, which all in all, makes seven short stories to possibly be accepted or rejected. To go 0-for on them all would be really horrendous. See above about Grouse.

On Tuesday, I packed away my winter coats, because it's June and the temperatures have seemed steadily in the 60°s and 70°s for a few weeks, to the point where my light jackets have sufficed. Of course today? It's down in the 50°s, with 30 mph winds, and temperatures going much, much lower tonight. Trying to predict weather in Glasgow is the ultimate exercise in futility.


At June 19, 2009 at 3:57 AM , Blogger Scotsman said...

You'll learn, its best always to have a mixed variety of clothing at all times in Glasgow. You could always just use the Famous Grouse to keep you warm instead of the coats.

Good luck.


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