Monday, June 15, 2009

¡Viva España!

...and Spain it is!

I have decided that Andalucia -- Málaga, to be exact -- is my next destination.

The runners up in the
Where Am I Going At the End of June game were Budapest, Berlin, and Amsterdam. Amsterdam especially because I have a bunch of stamps in my passport from the Netherlands from transitting through Schiphol, but I've never actually set foot outside the airport, so those stamps make a mockery of me. Plus, I really wanted to go the Van Gogh Museum and eat stroobwafels! But that will have to be another trip. For now, Spain it is.

I'm really excited about going. I've always loved the idea of Spain, especially southern Spain and all its Moorish influences, and have been plotting a trip to the Alhambra since my senior year of high school. Plus, the lack of language barrier will be a nice change.

Looking out of my window right now at dreary, gray Glasgow makes me almost giddy to think that in two weeks, I'll be on a Mediterranean beach!

And don't even get me started on the thought of the food there. If I don't come back twenty pounds gloriously heavier from the paella, fresh seafood, Manchego, and flan, I will have done something wrong!


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