Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 5: In Gloucestershire

Location: Cheltenham, England

After four days in North Yorkshire without internet, I now type this from the lovely Hotel du Vin in Cheltenham. It's one of those gorgeous, comfortable, stylish rooms that makes you want to live in a hotel forever, from the suede furniture to the down comforters to the twenty-foot ceilings and windows to the oversized tub to the monsoon shower. Or maybe it's the fact that the in-room coffee isn't some crappy little packets of instant, but instead they give you an actual caffetiere. So I am quite happily caffeinated this morning as I get ready to go out into town for the day, the final day on our England trip.

Tomorrow -- after a morning in Oxford -- we head back to Heathrow, where I will catch a quick flight to Glasgow and my dad heads back to Dulles.

I don't feel like spending my entire morning in front of the computer (not when, again, there's an oversized tub and a stack of all the latest magazines, including the new In Style, calling my name), even though I have a million pictures to post. (If I was a ballsier/richer person, I'd totally be popping the extremely overpriced bottle of rosé champagne in the mini-bar, since that seems like an excellent addition to this morning. But I'm not, so I stick with coffee.) So for now, just a teaser picture of my old hood will have to suffice until I get back to Glasgow.

A view of Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire, taken while descending Greenhow Hill.



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