Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summa, summa, summatime...

The weather in Glasgow this weekend has been -- as forecast -- amazing. Warm and sunny, with blue skies and no humidity. If I could design perfect weather, this would be it.

As a result, everyone has been outdoors for the past two days.

The parks are full of people laying out, all the beer gardens are full, the streets are packed, and restaurants and cafes have dragged tables outside. It seems like the entire city has left their houses to be in the sun. It's fantastic, and everyone seems to be in a much more pleasant, cheerful mood. Easily the best weekend of the year so far.

My Saturday was spent down in City Centre, shopping and having lunch outside at one of the Italian places off Buchanan Street, before going from outdoor table to outdoor table at two separate pubs for the late afternoon all the way through to last call. My Sunday was spent laying on a blanket in the sun at the Botanical Gardens, with a fantastic, summery playlist on my iPod and a 99 Flake.

Clearly, life is rough!


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