Thursday, May 28, 2009

Should we talk about the weather?

My first public reading (ever) is tonight, and it's safe to say that I'm absolutely terrified. While I don't mind speaking in public, I don't mind speaking in public with either someone else's words or something that's non-fiction. Presentation at a meeting? Not a problem. Reading something I've actually written? No thank you. Isn't the entire point of being a writer that we get to hide ourselves away from the world behind the safe and comforting glow of a computer screen? Didn't Proust spent the final years of his life in a cork-lined room, hardly ever setting foot outside? He didn't do public readings, and you know, things turned out pretty well for him. I'd say a burial at Pere Lachaise is as victorious as it gets.

My fear of rotten fruit being thrown on stage aside...

The weather here has been brutal over the past week. The rains have been heavy, the temperatures have been chilly, and the skies have been gray.

But starting today, things in Glasgow appear to be looking up. At least meteorologically!


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