Sunday, May 24, 2009

Monkey business.

Rangers won the SPL today, which meant it was a bit of an interesting walk up and down Byres, what with all the crowds and the singing and cheering. I had to pop into a newsagent and when I was in there, a guy came in to buy cigarettes and told the shopkeeper they were celebratory ones. And then he turned to me and asked if I was excited.

So I told him I was American and that I didn't pick sides. And he says, "Brilliant! Mo Edu is American!" which I think was supposed to mean that I should get really excited about it, except I still have that whole fear of the imminent stabbing that will happen if I pick an Old Firm team, so I just kind of mumbled something about Edu being a Terp, and rushed out with my packet of Polos. Silly, as he was really nice and I don't think he was carrying a knife. Sometimes I think they overblow the whole YOU WILL GET STABBED thing here, just to scare internationals.

Also, with my collected cereal boxtops, I was able to adopt a monkey! Sadly, it's just a money donation thing Kellog is doing with an animal sanctuary, and not something where I'll now have a pet. But you get to pick your monkey, and I picked Pops. He's apparently a cheeky little bastard who doesn't like to get to close to people, but is really attached to his adopted monkey brother and sleeps every night with a teddy bear (monkeys have teddy bears?) under one arm, and cuddles up to Coco (the adopted monkey brother) with the other. And I liked that. So I adopted him, even though there were aesthetically cuter monkeys out of the bunch.

This serves as my official shoutout to the Lilongwe Wildlife Sanctuary in Malawi.

World, meet Pops.



At May 25, 2009 at 10:42 AM , Blogger Bernadette said...

you're doing better things for malawi than even madonna.


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