Thursday, April 23, 2009

Other than the big, overall objectives on my Writing To-Do List (get major book deal; sell rights to book to Hollywood for seven figures; have Robert Pattison star in movie version of book so we can meet on set and live happily ever after), some of the more pressing ones are pretty weighty and include submission deadlines for the student anthology and a new magazine that's launching soon, casting my editorial vote for Issue 14 of From Glasgow to Saturn, preparing to read at a women writer's event in May, and starting to work on my dissertation.

It then serves to reason that I have spent my second full free day after the end of Term 2 doing absolutely nothing, when I really should be writing, submitting, and editing. I suppose staying out till 5am last night and sleeping until 11:30am today aren't helping my productivity cause, but I'm trying to justify it as a well-deserved bout of blowing off steam from the term. I think the shelf-life on this will expire around midnight tonight, at which time I'll hopefully turn back into an academically-motivated pumpkin. By tomorrow, it'll stop being cute and start being lazy.


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