Sunday, April 26, 2009

NHS, you know you missed me!

Out into the Great Big Publishing universe go two more submissions. This process is so painfully slow; I don't expect to hear from either until the end of the summer. This is the part I hate about being a writer: other people reading it. And judging it. And then sending back those polite emails that say, "Thank you for your submission, but we regret to inform you..."

I know, I know. Thick skin!

I think calling it an early night and snuggling up in bed with a cheesy movie is going to be my M.O. this Sunday evening. Something (no, not swine flu) is kicking my butt and my once-functional throat has closed up. Airplane germs are so gross. Thanks, fellow passengers. Glad you were able to share.

At least I live in a country with socialized healthcare!


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