Friday, April 3, 2009

At Charles De Gaulle, Etc.

I'm at Charles De Gaulle, etc. Waiting for my flight. My ride is parked outside and it's a shiny 777, hopefully with lots of good movies on its On Demand.

My four hours in Paris between train and plane were good. I snagged lunch (salad from Le Grand Epicerie and a croissant from Gerard Mullot) and then headed to the Jardin du Luxembourg and ate outside. It was really, really lovely and mild out. Kind of a perfect lunch.

The whole leaving-my-luggage-in-a-locker-at-Gare-du-Nord worked perfectly, and it's ridiculously convenient. I felt a bit Jason Bourne with all my stuff stashed there, though I'm pretty sure he didn't have to shell out 10 euro to keep his ten thousand passports in a locker. I did. I'm also a bit salty about the SIX euro CDG is charging me for 30 minutes of internet.

I've got to say, CDG's international terminal is WAY nicer than the shorthaul Europe budget one. If I only ever flew out of this terminal, I might like this airport much more.

I can't believe I'm heading home in an hour. HOME. Back to the States. I'm sad to leave Belgium/France, but I'm really, really excited to go back.



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