Thursday, March 5, 2009

In like a lion.

Currently, it is -1° and (ever so lightly) snowing. My poor crocuses. I'm ready for some new weather, please.

There are only two weeks of teaching left in the term (didn't it just start?), which also means that there are only two weeks of teaching left in the whole of my Master's program. It is slightly overwhelming. After March 16th, it's just independent work time, and I have from March 16 - August 11 to churn out 25,000 words of a creative dissertation.

However, that creative dissertation won't get written next week; Gabriella lands here in Glasgow on Saturday morning! Which means next week will be filled with pubs and cafes and walks and lots and lots of cooking, and probably not so much with close readings of Kundera. Which is fine by me.

If can't find black spaghetti though, a huge kink will be thrown into my cooking plans.

I'm getting entirely too big a kick out of following Ryan Seacrest on my Twitter.

Just about a month now until I'm home. Mark your calendars: April 3 - 19.


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