Friday, March 20, 2009

Fear the Turtle.

I'm officially done with classes, and Glasgow is celebrating with me by having spectacular weather. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were all sunny, mild, and almost 60°. Glasgow has become a different city; it's like everyone immediately evacuates their houses at the first sign of sun, and spreads out all over grass and parks and outdoor bars and cafes and just takes it all in. We've been following suit, and it's been phenomenal.

It's a rough life when your afternoon activity consists of French beer and people-watching for hours at an outdoor table on Ashton Lane. No worries, there's still the weight of tens of thousands of words to be written by August hanging over my head!

I might be on the other side of the pond, but that doesn't mean I stop being American, which includes making my bracket picks. I was really excited last night, because I was 12-for-16, which for me in the opening round is fantastic! And then I looked at the standings for my group and saw that I'm sitting at the very bottom. It's just a point of self-pride, I guess.

My first weekend back in the States will be spent out in Ohio, not only doing the family thing, but also fitting in a Blue Jackets game. It's been almost a calendar year since I saw live hockey. So Jackets-Hawks is going to be phenomenal.


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