Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh, Baxter, you are my little gentleman. I'll take you to foggy London town...

Since it seems impossible for me to stay still, this weekend was a quick jaunt down to London. A 6:30am flight down to Heathrow on Saturday morning, then a 6pm train back up on Sunday. Blink, and you miss it. Still, the change of scenery is always nice.

I like London. A lot. The problem is that I don't like it as much as I like Paris. One of the reasons that I love Paris (oh why, oh why do I love Paris?) so much is because it is a ridiculous city. It is a city that operates on pure emotion and passion and romanticism. It's not always logical. It's not always convenient. But I get that, because I am rarely logical or convenient. I like the ridiculousness of Paris, how everything must be beautiful and delicious. In London, things are much more reserved and British. Which is fine. That can be good too. But when comparing the two major world cities, I do prefer Paris. And if I am going to spend ungodly amounts of money to live in one of them, it's going to be Paris. Bang for your buck. Euphoria for your euro.

Not that I'm moving to Paris. I'm not. I'm just saying.

We learned that if you walk around the Harrod's food hall on Valentine's Day (and maybe this is every day, I don't really know), you can receive many, many free chocolate samples. They also were peddling macarons samples, and while they weren't Keebler cookies, they were just okay. Maybe they would have been great had I not just had Gerard Mulot macarons last month. I was left unimpressed and unwilling to pay for prepackaged, not freshly-baked ones.

(This was not supposed to turn into a LONDON vs. PARIS, ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN. I love London! I do! I just love Paris more. Also, I fear this entire blog is shifting from "GENEVIEVE IS GETTING HER MASTER'S IN CREATIVE WRITING IN GLASGOW," and turning into "1,001 REASONS GENEVIEVE LOVES PARIS." Which is bad. The blogosphere is completely oversaturated with blogs of expats in Paris. Not that there's a dearth of blogs of whiny grad students abroad either, but still.)

We went out for dinner on Saturday night, to a nice little place near our hostel in Kensington. I had lamb, and it was excellent. So was the Chilean cab. The food and the wine on Saturday night were two huge pluses of the trip!

From this weekend:

Sunrise over the Midlands from 37,000 feet.

Myself, K, and J in front of the Victoria Fountain.

Look kids, it's Big Ben.

It is in the 50°s here today, and while I am thankful for the mild temperature, there is something about the air and the gray and the wind today that feels like Ocean City in late October and it's making me a little homesick.

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