Monday, February 23, 2009

No mushy peas?

The weather this week continues to be lovely: mid-50°s and sunny, though as I type, the clouds are rolling in. Still, the sense that spring is coming is definitely present and crocuses (croci? Croqui?) are all over the park. It makes life here so much more pleasant.

Gym culture here in the UK is just strange compared to the US. For as much crap as people give us for being one of the fattest nations on earth, we're also some of the most gym-obsessed and we don't mess around when it comes to working out. It's not quite the same level of hardcore here, and I still can't get over the fact that the majority of women I see at the gym (women in their 20s, mainly) working out in non-workout clothes. Some of them work out in regular bras, tank tops that you'd wear as clothing, and some kind of non-workout pants. I'm not being judgey; it genuinely looks uncomfortable. The concept of "girls sports" is definitely not the same here as it is in the States, where we've made sure to work the hell out of Title IX and large percentages of girls and women are big time athletes. It's just a different mentality with women and working out. You work out because it's "healthy." It has nothing to do with sports. It's weird.

On the most un-gymmy note ever: Walkers' new Fish & Chips flavored crisps are disgusting. And I am normally all about my flavored crisps. Give me ketchup, prawn cocktail, roast chicken, cheese and onion, or grilled steak, and I'm a happy camper. But these are just horrible! They're part of the new "Vote for Your Favorite" of six new varieties that Walkers has rolled out. To be fair, I haven't tried any of the others to see if they are equally as disgusting. And the Cajun Squirrel flavor is for real. It is safe to say that as curious as I am about it, I'm not curious enough to actually try it. Maybe one night after last call at the pub, Cajun Squirrel crisps will seem like a good idea, but right now I think I'll pass.

I really like Kelly Clarkson's new album. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.



At February 25, 2009 at 1:12 AM , Anonymous Slinger said...

A real Schrier would have gone for the Cajun Squirrel, sort of the crisp version of a Bertie Botts every flavor beans. Be adventurous. I've heard stomach pumping is a form of cleansing. Slinger


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