Sunday, January 18, 2009

Don't like the weather? Wait thirty seconds...

It is snowing here in Glasgow!

Not only is this a rare occasion (the west coast of Scotland is much warmer than the east, but far, far wetter), but it's a cool one to have happen on a Sunday afternoon. My university-run apartment complex is for international postgrads, and so it's as close as you can get to being the Olympic Village without a McDonald's. With the exception of a handful (albeit a big handful) of Americans and Canadians, most of the "international" come from really far away countries. India, Nigeria, Malaysia, Pakistan. Countries where it doesn't snow. So the snow starts falling, and suddenly, you see all the windows in the courtyard open and cameras poke out from behind the glass. People start to congregate in the doorways to watch. It's an event.

Personally? I'm just happy I don't have a car to scrape. Though I doubt I'd even have to. These are humongous, wet snowflakes, almost like feathers.

...and just as soon as it starts, it's already switching back to rain and the sun is coming out. Glasgow, I'd expect nothing less from you.

It's been a busy two weeks that haven't seen a blog update from me. London. Then Paris. Then the start of term. I think there are probably worse things to complain about. Feeling completely overwhelmed with the start of Term 2 (which I am feeling -- completely overwhelmed) because I was hanging in Paris for the start of the winter Soldes, when all the shops have their massive sales? It's a bit of a self-inflicted wound, so I'll stop whining about being completely behind and just shut my mouth and get to reading Kafka. Yay.

Paris II was a most excellent trip for me and Gabriella (whose birthday it is today -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!). Though a cold one, with temperatures being the coldest in Europe in decades. It limited the amount that we could just stroll, but regardless, we had a great time. We had excellent meals (both French and Thai), got into the Louvre for the evening for €6 total (not per person), visited the hauntingly beautiful Église St-Etienne-du-Mont (where the tomb of Ste. Geneviève is located), and got turned down by a homeless man with a "J'AI FAIM" sign, who snubbed his nose and shook his head at the ever-so slightly-smushed croissant I offered him.

...Gabriella at the top of one of the sets of escaliers de Montmartre.

The rest of the pictures from the trip are here, and Paris, far and away, remains my favorite spot on the planet. Though to be fair, I haven't seen all the spots on the planet.

It's a bit hard to believe that I'm already in the second term of the school year. A one-year Master's program isn't a great idea, kiddies. Trying to cram two years of work into just one? We're almost in February and my dissertation is due on August 11th. I think the plan for now is that the second I turn it in, I'll go head somewhere for a few weeks. I want to go completely off the grid, maybe get a villa on the Amalfi Coast that has no phone and no internet and just hang out there until it's time to go rejoin the real world again. So if anyone has any rich uncles or benefactors with a spare ocean-front property in Positano? Point them in my direction, please.

I love living in Glasgow, but the crappiness of the weather is really wearing on me. I swear I'm applying for PhD programs in the deep south and the deep south only. Somewhere with almost-perpetual sunshine and heat. I need it after the daily hurricanes that western Scotland has to offer.

(Forget I mentioned snow; it's now blindingly sunny and the skies are blue.)

And because I feel guilty for not blogging in so long, as a peace offering, I coming bearing Ghetto Superstar from the steps of the Sacre Coeur.

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