Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Despair in the Departure Lounge...

Location: Heathrow

On the final hour of my four-hour layover before I board to head to Dulles. As much as I DREAD the long plane flight, especially westbound because it's during the day, they just made an announcement for an Air New Zealand flight, that has a stopover in LA, and oh man, I don't know how those people do it. That must be like 24 hours of flying. UGH. I'll try not to complain about my transatlantic jaunt.

I ran into a girl from my program at Glasgow Airport, and it turns out she was on my same flight to London (she's from Toronto and was connecting at Heathrow as well). It's so rare that I travel with people, that's it's always nice to do it. Of course, she ended up having to change to Terminal 3 (I'm a Terminal 1 kinda gal), so I did NOT have company for my long layover.

I'm trying desperately to keep myself distracted so I don't run into the French Connection store and drop £93 on a dress. It is so very tempting. So far, I've behaved and kept myself in check though.

It was a clear day for flying down the west coast of the UK. The pictures I took from 30,000 feet don't lie. I would share them with you, but apparently £5 per hour for internet here at the airport isn't enough to give you enough juice to upload images. T-Mobile, you suck!

Talk to you again from Eastern Standard Time!


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