Monday, December 8, 2008

Coming to America

I am going home in two days! How is this possible? I feel like I just got here!

To be fair though, it's not like Christmas break is the halfway point. I'm actually going to be headed back just two days shy of my three month Glasgaversary. But still. I feel like I just got here!

I'm charging my U.S. cell phone in preparation for it being used again, which is just weird. It feels so clunky and old compared to my U.K. one. The battery was almost dead, from when I used it like crazy during Travelgate '08, and spent an entire afternoon and evening on the phone with my sister, parents, US Air, parents again, US Air again, parents, US Air, sister, parents, US Air, roughly in that order when they kept canceling and uncanceling my flight. So it's getting all charged up again, and I got really curious about how many bajillion voicemails I'd have when turned it on in the States again (there's no Verizon service in the U.K., at least not for me, maybe for rich and fancy people). And so I burned like 3ยข on Skype to call myself and find out.

And... ZERO. No voicemails! How anticlimactic!

Since tomorrow is a crazy busy day, with two classes in the afternoon/evening, followed by Christmas drinks with my classmates, I'm starting to pack today. This is early for me. Normally I don't pack until
right before I leave, but since I have to head out at like 8:30am on Wednesday morning, I didn't feel like getting up at 5am to pack, and inevitably forgetting something important. Like my house keys, which I just snagged from their super secret hiding place (where they live with my passport and visa documents). It's weird looking at my house keys. And I got all nostalgic looking at my little keychain library card that's with them.

Then it hit me: I don't remember returning the last batch of library books I had from before I left.

So now I'm worried that I'm going to owe Howard County Library like $100 in overdue fees. Which is a bummer if it's true and I did indeed forget.

On another note, I think I might be a conflicted lunatic. On hand, I'm incredibly sad reading about the 100,000 Irish pigs that have to be culled because apparently they're contaminated. My heart aches for all the gentle little Wilburs. And then on the other hand, I just think BACON, and daydream about diner food this weekend. This might officially make me a monster.

T-minus 60 hours till I'm Stateside!


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