Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm a mouse... duh!

I have been a very negligent blogger over the past week, week and a half.

In summary:

  • The election is tomorrow. Oh, I wish the whole world was on GMT, because this is going to be a brutal all-nighter.
  • It's officially gotten cold here in Glasgow, and officially hat, gloves, scarf weather. This isn't a bad thing, just a fact of life.
  • Halloween was quite excellent, and this city knows how to do it up big. It's not like in the States where people put on a set of ears and a slutty dress and call it a costume. People here really go all out with the fancy dress. We're talking elaborate, intricate costumes. It's tons of fun. We ended up doing the ultimate bar/party crawl, hitting no less than five stops across town. Glasgow definitely deserves its reputation as a great party town.
  • Today's plan of Operation: Change Mobile Provider failed miserably, because apparently to keep my same number, I have to get some code from TalkMobile, and then take that to O2 (or Orange, haven't decided yet). At least... I think that was it. The guy at the O2 store on Sauchiehall had one of the heaviest Glaswegian accents I've heard yet. I was just kind of smiling and nodding politely, and the I rushed, "OkayI'llcomebacktomorrow" and just ran out of there. Because I couldn't understand the poor guy for the life of me.
  • That being said, I had a realization the other day that I've gotten to a point where not only can I understand most Glaswegian accents (obviously, aside from Charlie's at the O2 store on Sauchiehall), and some Scots here and there (yep, it's a different language!), but I can also pick out Scottish accents based on location! I can tell a Glasgwegian accent from an Edinburghian one. I can pick out northerners and say, "You must be from Aberdeen or Inverness!" I can tell someone's from Ayr because it means I can't understand a word they say!
  • I have a little over a month until I'm back in the States. Honestly, it feels like I just got here. Walking down Byres Road last home, home from M&S, I suddenly got a bit sad that I won't be here for Christmastime to see everything all lit up. I'm so excited to be going home, but a part of me wishes I could do both.
  • I was so very excited to order my Phillies World Series Champions t-shirt, until it came up with a $56 delivery fee to the UK. So I guess I'm going to have to wait until I go home then.
  • There is no Mexican food in this city. There are places that say they make Mexican food, but there is no Mexican food. The closest I've come is M&S's guacamole. Which isn't horrible, if it's the only option. But man, oh man. I cannot wait for Chipotle. Tacos for everyone!
  • My crazy, romantic plan of spending the weekend of my 27th birthday in Paris has been momentarily shelved.
  • The shine is wearing off of Glasgow, and it's just starting to feel normal. And homey. This is a wonderful feeling!
  • if only I could get the bus system down. I miss the simplicity of SEPTA, where buses run in normal directions, like east to west or north to south.
  • Thursday I head down to London for the weekend.
  • And school is going well!
That's it, in a nutshell!


At November 5, 2008 at 3:04 PM , Blogger Girair said...

Hey Cuz! Been a while since I checked up on you here. Glad your loving things.

First let me ask, at what point did you become a Phillies fan?? You were a Braves fan, you cannot now be a Phillies fan simply because you lived in the city for a while.

Anyway, I'm sure you're excited about the election, crazy celebrating going on in a lot of places. Just great stuff all around.

Can't wait to see you when you return. Love ya.


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