Sunday, October 12, 2008

Photo diary.

Today was another Sunday in the park, and this time, I brought my camera and photo-documented my walk. All six miles of it.

I must say again, how very lucky a girl I am that Kelvingrove Park is two blocks from my flat. Two blocks. It hardly gets better than this for an almost-backyard.

(This is pretty much photos-only, so it's very image heavy and if you have a slow browser, you'll probably hate me after this.)

The leaves are starting to change colors.

The playground and skatebowl in Kelvingrove Park.

The duck pond.

That fountain/statue thingie that I like.

This statue is a blend of cool and a little unsettling. And donated by the Kennedys. Who knew. I also have this incredibly obnoxious desire to spell it "Kennedies."

Nice parky stuff.

A view over the south end of Glasgow from the top of the park.

The Kelvingrove.

The coolest statue in the park. The next couple photos are the various angles.

In the background, you can see the tower of the Main Building of the uni.

The houses at the top of the park. I'm thinking whenever I first sell the rights of something to Hollywood, I can try to ease the pain of being a sellout by buying one of these.

Same houses, different angle.

Random house in the West End. I'd kill to live in that round room up top though!

It really was a spectacular afternoon.

Another statue.

Walking down along the River Kelvin.

There is a couch. On the side of the river. Oh, Glasgow.

Bridge over the River Kelvin.

The walkway/bicycle path goes for at least four more miles along the River, and maybe more after that. My next project is to see how far I can walk it.

Ruins of an old mill along the river.

Had it not been bright daylight with 500000 people around, I would have been totally creeped out walking through this long, pitch black tunnel which is part of the path. Cue parental yelling.

Just the path. I'm sure Ansel Adams would find a way to make it exciting though. Unfortunately, I am not Ansel Adams.

There are two sets of steps you have to climb to get back up off the path. This is one, below is the other.

I had absolutely NO idea where I was when I left the path along the River, which was part of the fun of it. I'm a big fan of aimless wandering. Turns out, I was in the Botanical Gardens that are just off Great Western Road.

Self-explanatory, and the sign accompanies the below photo.

Just a lovely, random residential West End street.

A different lovely, random residential West End street.

Yet a third different, lovely random residential West End street. A lot of the Glasgow architecture is this sandstone style. Large parts of the city are buildings in this style. It's so very pretty.

A look up Hyndland Road. It's one of THE places to live in the city, and Hyndland Road is lined with boutiques and restaurants and adorable coffee shops with funky furniture.

A look down Hyndland.

...and that's all she wrote! Or rather, photographed.



At October 13, 2008 at 7:23 PM , Blogger Patrick said...

What no pictures of the pickup football you discussed in the last walk through the park post?

At October 19, 2008 at 4:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a REALLY GREAT photographer.Seriously. The compositions as well as the content, are beautiful.
Thanks for the tour.


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