Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just a light breeze...

Before coming to Glasgow, I'd heard about the horizontal rain.

The rain today isn't horizontal. It isn't diagonal. It's more or less upsidedown.

According to, the wind gusts today are in the mid-50 mph range. Which means (according to Wikipedia), between the wind and heavy rain, this would be solidly classified as a Tropical Storm.



This is not considered anything here. No severe weather warning, watch, nothing. No mention of the fact that the wind is so strong that it knocked my earbuds out of my ears! No mention that Kelvin Way has turned into an elephant graveyard of umbrellas (though seriously, who is stupid enough to open an umbrella in this?). It is so stormy out and there is no mention of any of this weather! All the weather reports just call this "rainy" and "windy." In the States, this would be a weather event! But in Glasgow? Apparently this is normal?

Needless to say, I am having the best hair day ever in this weather.

That's Scots for "I Look Like Mufasa."

There is nothing else to talk about but the weather on a day like today.


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