Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I miss the Weather Channel.

Glasgow weather is crazy. Absolutely crazy. It goes from sun to rain to wind to sun to rain to sometimes sun with rain, all in the span of about fifteen minutes. All day long. Insanity. Absolute insanity.

Case in point, yesterday. After several days of seemingly nothing but downpour, it was bright and sunny in the morning. I had to leave the flat by 9am to get down to City Centre for a banking appointment, and was totally excited to have a dry walk. Because it was so sunny out. So I step out of the building, into the sun, and it's pouring. Not drizzling. But full-out rain. While it's brilliantly sunny.

It's also gotten much colder lately, even though the actual temperatures don't seem to have varied much. But it's a chilly damp that hits your bones and really makes me wish I had real gloves (*hint-hint*) instead of the cheap $1 ones I bought at Target the day before I left that don't really keep hands very warm at all. I think the point of gloves is to have your hands not be red and numb when you walk into a building and take them off, which is what happens to me when I wear the Target ones. I'm going to have to hike the 1.8 miles back down to City Centre at some point this weekend and pick up a nice, warm pair.

Here in Glasgow, talking about the weather is not idle small talk. It is legitimate conversation!

Also, I mailed in my absentee ballot on Monday. It was very anti-climactic, voting by mail. I miss the buzz and energy of going to an actual polling place. But still:


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