Friday, September 5, 2008

To the elephant sitting on my head: PLEASE LEAVE.

This is it, this is the homestretch.

My last day of work was Tuesday. Today, my arrival date showed up on the ten-day forecast.

It's suddenly hitting me just how much I have to do before I go, and how maybe (just maybe) I shouldn't have put everything off all summer. All summer long, every time I wanted to do something Scotland-related, I'd think to myself, "But it's too soon, I'm jumping the gun, I'll wait till closer to my leave time." And now I really wish I hadn't.

And now I'm sick -- not the most pleasant development or convenient timing. It is hard to have raucous rounds of goodbyes when you can't get out of bed.

Unrelated, but it must be noted that Banana Republic is so completely on the Michelle Obama bandwagon it has me giddy. Their two feature colors right now are a deep purple (identical to The Dress, that phenomenal purple shift dress she belted the night her husband claimed the Democratic nom) and a teal that is suspiciously similar to the color she wore the night she spoke at the DNC. And they're featuring both in shapes similar to those worn by her. Considering it's been fifty years since we had a truly stylish First Lady, this copycat fall line is a most welcome development.

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