Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Does she believe in dinosaurs?"

I printed out my request for an overseas absentee ballot last night, and so there's been a lot of Yankee politics on my brain. Here, it's so easy to believe that Obama will win in November, because the British media makes it impossible to think that any nation of people could actually elect McCain/Palin. And while here, I feel like it's totally acceptable for the media to be biased and liberal and all, "WOOOOOO, OBAMA!" because it doesn't actually affect any voter decisions (and most likely if US voters are paying attention to the British media, chances are they're voting for Obama anyway), in the States, I'm starting to think the media really should try to pretend to not lean so far to the left. I think it's doing more harm than good.

Not that I mind or don't want to run down the halls of Medialand, high-fiving CNN, MSNBC (andmyboyfriendChuckTodd), and The Washington Post. Because I do! Woooo, liberals! Go Team Us! But sometimes, just for the sake of journalism, it seems a bit excessive and too editorial. It doesn't give the American people much of a chance to make up their own mind, and alienates people who might be a bit more conservative, which then leads to these people turning off CNN and running over to FOX News for info, and creates a very decisive split of people who watch CNN and support Obama and people who watch FOX News and believe that on the third day, God created the Remington bolt-action rifle so that Man could fight the dinosaurs. And the homosexuals.

I only bring this up because of the front page picture on this morning. Could they be any more obvious in their mockery? Sarah "Lipstick" Palin in her best baby-eating pose. You can actually see the fire and brimstone behind her!

El diablo!

This wasn't meant to turn into a rant, rather a procrastinatory exercise, since I actually have my induction today and am feeling too nervous to get dressed and get going. Grad school starts... now!

Also, yesterday I joined the Hetherington Research Club, which is a postgrad-only club on campus. It's a lovely Victorian (I think) rowhouse, that has two bars, serves food throughout the day, has WiFi, pool tables, and is just a lovely and cozy little area for stressed out postgrads to go hang during the day, without being trampled by the 18 year olds on campus. And the best part? It's a house, so you get a key! I now belong to a club that has a key as membership! Slightly elitist, but to be honest, I kind of love it.

Now if only I had envelopes to mail my ballot request. Oh, I am so excited to be voting in Ohio this election!


At September 24, 2008 at 1:42 PM , Blogger Kelly said...

Maybe it's my incredible bias, but I feel like the media isn't doing ENOUGH. Like, start telling people she tried to ban books. I mean, banning books?? I'm waiting to hear that she also tried to burn witches at the stake.



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