Friday, September 26, 2008

Bullets > real paragraphs on a chilly Friday

  • Today was deceptively cold for being in the 60°s, and I went to campus without a jacket. I froze. And learned my lesson.
  • The rain moves back in this weekend. The dry weather was nice while it lasted!
  • For a university of 20,000 students, it feels very small and intimate. Case in point, running into no less than three people I knew during an hour trip up to campus. But this is not a bad thing. I like how cozy it feels.
  • There was a wedding today on campus and they were taking pictures in the quad of the main building. It was absolutely beautiful, and seeing men in kilts feels surprisingly normal. And I haven't even been here for two weeks.
  • I am slowly but surely discovering that maybe I do like Irn Bru after all. That is my deep, dark, dirty little Glaswegian secret.


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