Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are you ready for some (American) football?

Google is my friend, and let me know that there is a sports bar in Glasgow where I can go to see events like EAGLES-COWBOYS MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. I can't believe I leave two days before it! Not that I want to spend my time in Scotland watching American sports, but should the need arise, it's good to know there's a place that shows baseball and hockey and football, and that if I get a bout of insomnia at 1:30am on Monday, I can hop on over there and watch the game.

I really, really should start to de-Yankify myself though. I think in my last two days here in the States, it's just a bit difficult, because everyone's gearing up for all these things, and I'm skipping town. I'm sure once I get to Glasgow, I'll be very much Ameriwhut? But for now, I'm slightly (but only slightly) melancholy that I don't have the option of being in Philly and Chickie and Pete'sing it for MNF.



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