Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm not burning my bra... yet.

Clearly, it goes without saying that Sarah Palin's pro-life, gun-loving, Creationism-teaching, trigger-happy drill finger, anti-gay marriage, Bible-thumpingisms have the potential to make this country quite inhospitable for everyone, save the pro-life, gun-toting, Creationism-believing, SUV driving, homophobic, bigoted Bible-thumpers.

It terrifies me what this nomination does for women, because it screams that women are too dumb to care about foreign policy or their own rights, and only care about the person in office lending them a tampon should the need arise. Women want a White House slumber party, and who better to braid your hair than a former beauty queen. McCain sees that women want women to lead, so he indiscriminately grabs a woman, any woman, to stick on the ticket. He pulls his car up to a corner, rolls down his window, sticks his head out, and to the attractive, young Republican who just so happens to be a governor, says, "Hey baby, how much for a campaign? For a whole term in office?"

Just no kissing on the mouth.

She conflicts me. She is a person who politically, I object to every single thing she stands for, whose political stances are not only opposite mine, but personally offensive and attacking, and yet I am torn up inside when I hear a pundit say,

"But what about her children? What kind of message does it send that she has five children and is willing to be away from them on the campaign. Will people question her parenting skills?"

The men are ushering us back into the kitchen again, thanking us for our efforts in the war, but letting us know that it's baby making time, and dammit, dinner better be on the table at 5pm, and don't even think about feigning a headache later.

And then, as a woman, I side with Sarah Palin. Because how dare someone tell this pro-life, gun-toting, Creationism-teaching, trigger-happy drill finger, anti-gay marriage, Bible-thumper that she can't be Vice President of the United States of American because
she has children. We are back to a point where we have to choose between career and family?

And then I realized that I have "we-ed" Sarah Palin.

I, a pro-choice, anti-gun, acknowledger of evolution, anti-drilling, pro-gay marriage, defender of the separation of church and state, for one moment have gone and stood next to Sarah Palin on the front lines of women's lib. Just for one little moment.

I have been waiting to elect Barack Obama for president of this country for four years. And the dreamy notion of someone like him for eight. A passing moment of sisterhood with Miss Lumberjack 1981 isn't going to change that. I know where my loyalties lie.

But other women don't.

Which is why Sarah Palin's nomination makes me want to hide under the covers at night and flee to another country.

So perhaps this is appropriate timing afterall.



At September 16, 2008 at 2:18 PM , Anonymous simonile said...

Well said!! Should be in an editorial column for all to see


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